Visual Arts

The Eastern Ranges School Visual Art program offers our students an opportunity to explore skill development and creativity in a structured environment.

The program is run according to the Victorian Curriculum which encourages students to explore visual art materials and techniques, gives students opportunities to experiment with art forms, make choices and to discuss their work and the work of others.

Students have exposure to a wide variety of art skills in the areas of painting, drawing, textiles, construction, collage and printmaking. Students are able to access the programme at all levels from sensory experiences to basic art skills and through to more challenging ones.

The Visual Arts programme focuses on creating two and three dimensional artwork, allowing students to explore a huge variety of materials and techniques. Students work on skill development, fine motor skills and spatial concepts as well as an understanding of the basic elements and principles of art making. Students have the opportunity to explore the sensory component of art making through play and investigation. The program gives all of our students the chance to engage with art making at their individual level.

The school has a large well equipped art room which allows flexibility in its set up. Students can work alone, in a small group or with a staff member all in the same room. Students work independently on tasks and projects which are designed for their particular level. They also work one on one, or in a small group, with the teacher to learn and practise skills.

Eastern Ranges has a number of display boards around the school where students’ artwork is displayed to celebrate their achievements and encourage observation and discussion.

Alongside teaching the Victorian Curriculum, the art department currently runs a senior elective in drawing, supports the VCAL program and collaborates with Performing Arts and Technology to deliver skills groups and one off projects. We aim to connect with the wider community and this year senior students participated in an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the David Hockney exhibition.

Eastern Ranges Visual Art programme encourages the idea that the art making process is more important than the final product and that everyone’s art work is worthy of recognition. The program encourages self-expression, creativity, independence, communication and confidence and recognizes the unique contributions of ALL our students.