Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Eastern Ranges School is one of the specialist subjects offered to every student across the school and offered with reference to the Victorian Curriculum.

Students experience different creative mediums such as drama, dance, music, games and song.

The classes are prepared around the Victorian Curriculum. Performing Arts covers a range of different areas within the curriculum in particular personal and social capabilities.

In drama, students explore verbal and non-verbal communication, recognizing and expressing emotion and engaging their imaginations through dramatic play.

Drama requires students to engage with others and work together, building on cooperative skills such as, turn taking, listening and play making.

Drama assists in the development of creative self-expression, decision making and problem solving, an understanding of self and builds self-confidence and a sense of worth and respect for others.

There are many forms of drama that the students explore such as mime, improvisation, role plays, puppet plays and masked drama.

Students perform productions at the end of each term.

Students also participate in dance classes. Through dance, students use the body as an instrument and movement as the medium for personal, social, emotional, and physical communication.

Students have the chance to use props and costumes, which really helps with engagement.

Students practice choreographic, technical and expressive skills and work towards a performance at the end of each term.

We are currently working towards putting on a whole school production in the future so that families can attend and witness the incredible talent that we have at Eastern Ranges School.